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Kitack Lim discusses the crew change crisis

Kitack Lim, the secretary-general of the International Maritime Organization (IMO), is the latest high profile name to star in the Wallem-sponsored Maritime CEO Seafarer Leader Series powered by Ocean Technologies Group.

Throughout July and August, Splash TV has been asking the industry for solutions to the crew change crisis as well as seeking suggestions for more long term regulatory changes to improve the working lives of seafarers.

We’re encouraging member states to do more

Lim, the head of the IMO since the start of 2016, talked about how the world has handled crew changes to date, suggesting there were now around 50 countries that allow crew changes to some degree, albeit not all of these 50 have followed the IMO-approved 12-step protocols for safe crew changes.

“We’re encouraging member states to do more,” Lim said.

Once the pandemic recedes, Lim said it was vital to carry out a review of the status of seafarers.

The IMO needs to focus more on seafarer welfare, the secretary-general conceded.

The IMO and other shipping bodies are campaigning around the world to raise awareness of seafarers as key workers, Lim stressed.

The Wallem-sponsored series comes out every Thursday.

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  1. Why is it necessary to wait until the pandemic is over before reviewing the status of seafarers??? How about starting next week to put to gther a panel and give them 6 months to present formal proposals. – No need for more conferences….

  2. While the owners managers are running from pillar to post trying to arrange crew reliefs, battling various govts. whims and fancies this guy LIm suddenly wakes up. He shud resign right now and stop wasting time. We need a guy to head the IMO [ a useless organisation anyway ] who has a pair of balls and can do something instead of
    giving interviews & talking conventions !!!!!
    Thses crew reliefs is costing the owners tons & tons of valueable money but then what does he care.

    He shud join Joe Biden in the basement !!

  3. We had seen since pandemic #COVID19 outbreak many countries not bother for #Seafarers. We had wrote many mails to #IMOHQ #ICS to make a joint level meeting to countries where #SignOff/On #Seafarers is banned .When all aware 90% of the trade is via sea and the #Seafarers are not taken as #essentialservicesProviders #UnsungWARRIORSSeafarers we shall send representative to Prime Minister, President, Ruler of that country and make it a global issue.#IMO GS as we mentioned in recent mail to him that every country Prime minister, President or Ruler shall be member of #IMO #ICS council so they will hold power to decide a corporate houses #GS is like a private guard wearing Dress of Commander with no power.
    All #Shipowners #Shipmanagers sho are doing huge loss during pandemic #COVID19 are ready to hire #chartedflights even many countries not allowing.
    We shall appreciate Ms.Ley of Singapore Authority, Shri Amitabh Kumar-DG Shiping ,Colombo, HK authorities who opened their heart for signoff/on of #StrandedSeafarersoverseas .
    Always #IMOHQ had put various restrictions time to time on #Seafarers #Shipowners #Shipmanagers #Shipyards but now they are unable to safeguard them.It is like A soldier without weapons on boarder .
    Blowing Horn will not give any results we need strong ppl who shall stay upfront with vision #Seafarers #Shipowners #Shipmanagers they will stand to help only not implementing laws while sitting.
    As we saw recently in Australia Seafarers on board refused to work and if #IMO will not wake up same will happen globally.
    We are ready to stand with Seafarers and ready to make ppl come out on roads,meet Prime Minister, President, Rulers who are not allowing #StrandedSeafarersoverseas signoff/on.
    #Seafarers #Shipowners #Shipmanagers are really suffering and no one bother……As #IMOHQ GS shall come out meet countries #PM #PRESIDENT #RULERS and offer them to be @IMO #GS of the respective countries.
    Otherwise we are waiting for some disasters fatigue will be major causes of incident and accidents.

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