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Mampaey Offshore Industries: Automated mooring

Rotterdam: Shipping and offshore is increasingly obsessed with the idea of automated vessels, possibly leading to crewless vessels. Helping realize this possibility in its own little way is Dutch firm Mampaey Offshore Industries which has recently launched its Automated Magnetic Mooring System (see picture below). This product has already been installed and extensively tested on a bunker ship owned by the VT Group.

“This Automated Magnetic Mooring System results in a more efficient and safer way of establishing connections for ship-to-ship as well as ship-to-shore connections,” says the company’s owner Gerard Mampaey.

“Our Automated Magnetic Mooring System will be able to provide a fully automated mooring procedure in ship-to-ship or ship-to-shore situations. At this time it is too early to indicate if a system of this kind is going to lead to unmanned ships,” he adds.

Mampaey Offshore Industries designs products for mooring, berthing and towing sections of the offshore industry.



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