Splash Extra: Tanker shake-up with new CO2 rankings

The C02 emissions of every tanker trading are set to be made available to charterers from tomorrow. The new index, created by Norway’s FreiXchange, is the lead story on the front page of the September issue of Splash Extra, the new monthly subscription title from the Splash team, priced for as little as $100 a year.

“Oil companies can cut their freight emissions by 25-50% just by using their purchasing power. The technology is here, and ripe for use without technological or financial risk. This means that both the oil companies and financial institutions can start rating the shipping companies’ actual environmental performance, and that we can finally create a premium market for the greenest shipping providers,” FreiXchange stated in a release.

Elsewhere in the latest issue of Splash Extra, there is the regular market commentary on the main shipping sectors, while this month’s feature discusses the merits of maritime subsidies and how they can be improved.

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