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Splash Podcast: markets and millennials

Today sees the launch of the Deep Dive, a brand new podcast series from the team at Splash. Featured in every episode of the Deep Dive is a look at what’s driving the markets plus an in-depth discussion on a key topic affecting maritime, which this month looks at shipping and millennials and asks why the industry is failing to attract and retain this latest generation.

Hosted by Splash editor Sam Chambers, the inaugural pod has Teresa Peacock, managing director of maritime HR firm Spinnaker Global and J Mintzmyer, lead researcher at Value Investor’s Edge, as guests.

Listen to find out some hot shipping stock picks, how the next five years will see some of the fastest growth in terms of ton-miles ever as well as some amazing maritime stats such as how just 0.21% of c-suite roles in shipping are held by women.

The Deep Dive will be released monthly and discuss topics stemming from the latest issue of new subscription title, Splash Extra. For a sample copy of the latest issue of Splash Extra contact grant@asiashippingmedia.com or to subscribe from just $100 click here.

The monthly 15-minute show is free to air. Splash readers can access the Deep Dive below.



Podcast credits: The Deep Dive is hosted by Sam Chambers, produced by Jason Jiang with original music composed by Vinnie Gable and Dean Hollebon.


Splash is Asia Shipping Media’s flagship title offering timely, informed and global news from the maritime industry 24/7.


  1. Congratulations and Thank you!… to SPLASH247 / Sam, J and Teresa, for a thoroughly interesting, lively and clear to the point Podcast.

    I learnt some great up-to-date facts on our industry, including the challenges and opportunities and glimpses on how Gen Z could contribute hugely in the right environment.

    Wishing you all, well deserved success in stimulating positive lively widespread discussion understanding and progress within, but more importantly beyond our immediate Maritime Industry.

    A train of thought: where there’s….

    Looking forward to next month….!

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