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Splash Podcast: Sand and steel

The Deep Dive returns with a provocative pod looking at what are the right and wrong datasets to focus on to read the shipping markets correctly.

The Splash podcast features BIMCO’s chief shipping analyst, Peter Sand, in the hot seat and he expertly faces a barrage of tough questions. Following on from the last issue of Splash Extra, our new subscription title, Sand explains why the fleet-to-newbuild ratio is no longer a useful stat to follow. He then goes on to argue that the Baltic Dry Index is also far less useful these days as a shipping bellwether.

The Deep Dive will be released monthly and discuss topics stemming subscription title Splash Extra. For a sample copy of the latest issue of Splash Extra contact grant@asiashippingmedia.com or to subscribe from just $100 click here.

Splash readers can access The Deep Dive for free below.


Podcast credits: The Deep Dive is hosted by Sam Chambers, produced by Jason Jiang with original music composed by Vinnie Gable and Dean Hollebon.


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