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Valmet: Cruiseship challenge

Espoo: Finnish firm Valmet will soon start the commissioning of a very extensive automation system for Harmony of the Seas, which is under construction at STX France. It will be the world’s largest cruiseship when entering service in spring 2016. This system comprises around 250 automation system electronic cabinets placed all over the vessel.

“It is a complex delivery that requires a professional and well- coordinated project service team,” says Sakari Ruotsalainen, president of Valmet’s automation business line.

Valmet is a global developer and supplier of technologies, automation and services for the pulp, paper and energy industries. Valmet develops, produces and supplies automation and exhaust gas cleaning products to the marine market.

“Marine automation systems are getting more and more advanced and we see an increasing need for functions and solutions related to safety, energy saving and sustainability,” says Ruotsalainen.

Important for most shipowners, says Ruotsalainen, is having a stable and well working system, but there is also a growing demand for keeping the systems up to date and modern over a vessel’s lifetime.

“Valmet’s lifecycle service for the marine industry consists of an economical step-by-step system upgrade program for hardware and software. This helps to minimise upgrade costs and maximize the system and vessel performance throughout its lifetime,” concludes the Finnish national.

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