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Which has been the best port city during the pandemic?

There’s a host of awards and rankings about which are the best shipping hubs. Splash is keen to hear from you which has been the best shipping city during the pandemic. Which place has sought the best solutions for crews? Which port has proven to be the most flexible during Covid-19?

Many so called leading port cities have not lived up to their billing over the past two years, making slap dash decisions which have made the lives for many in shipping harder – whether it be ill thought out travel restrictions, bans on garbage disposal or rolling out vaccines. Other port cities, however, have proven to be agile, responsive and willing to find solutions and it is this band of port communities Splash wants to highlight and congratulate with this global survey.

To vote takes less than a minute and there is no registration. For those keen to add some comments to the issue, contact the editor directly by email. Voting will close in one week. To vote, click here.


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