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Splash is hiring

Shipping’s top news provider is seeking new writers. Keen and curious shipping reporters are in short supply. If you think you have it what it takes to join shipping’s most exciting newsroom, get in touch.

Splash is in the market for general news reporters who can cover all the main shipping markets. A second language is a bonus for this position, although not essential.

Commented editorial director Sam Chambers: “We’re in a fortunate position to be expanding after what has been a tough year for many. Writing for Splash can be a fascinating, fast-paced part of a journalist’s career. We want people who understand the markets, are able to build up their own contacts and resources, and, importantly, we seek people who can identify what is the actual news, not the fluff.”

Splash’s range of editorial products include Daily Splash, Splash Extra, Splash TV and Maritime CEO magazine.

Applicants are asked to get in touch to take a Splash editorial test next week.


  1. You think a shipbroker and entrepreneur in shipping will make a good writer? Qualifications: 35 years in shipping, shipbuilding and shipowning, dyslexic, quick witted and deep thinking snake. If you think of a writer like me, looking forward to hear.

  2. ‘Shipping’s top news provider’ indeed. On the basis that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Impress Communications is the top freight, transport and logistics PR company in …. Winnipeg Drive. In the words of Yosser Hughes, “Go on then, gizza job. Go on. I can do that.”

  3. The Editor,

    Subj: Application fir Shipping News Reporters

    Dear Sir,
    Incase this is the application space for the above assignment then please kindly consider me for the same.

    Thanking you,

    N Samraj

  4. Vinu says: “there is no contact address mentioned anywhere” That is Part 1 of the ‘editorial test’!

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