Splash Extra: Carbon credit credentials assessed

As shipping waits for its magical silver bullet to resolve its pressing decarbonisation issue, many shipowners are beginning to offer clients carbon credit options in a bid to slash supply chain carbon footprints. How effectively they work, and whether the money could be better spent elsewhere forms the basis for the April special feature in Splash Extra, which was published yesterday.

It’s not just owners who are looking at carbon credits – many shipbrokers are now trading them, while commodities giants such as Trafigura are also stepping into this market. The full pros and cons of this growing business are identified in the special report.

Elsewhere in the monthly subscription title, Splash Extra assesses Amazon’s dramatic impact on the transpacific box trades, while there’s regular markets commentary on the main sectors plus a strong focus on the soaring volume of secondhand vessel deals being concluded at the moment.

Priced for as little as $200 a year, Splash Extra serves as a concise monthly snapshot, ensuring readers are on top of where the shipping markets are headed.

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